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Identify and reach niche audiences at scale on any programmatic advertising channel to drive performance of your campaigns, all in Growth Channel AI.
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Programmatic Media Partner
for 3,000+ Advertisers

Programmatic media partner for 3,000+ advertisers

Geofence past and real-time location visits

Identify and reach people who purchase at specific stores or attend events using geolocation data.
Up to 12 months historical look-back anywhere in the US
500+ Million US mobile devices
Fully compliant opt-in only custom audiences

Customer profiles in seconds

Better understand your personas and build customer profiles in seconds with AI.
Build your first-party data with custom audiences (advertising, emails, postal)
Enrich data across 50+ data sources
Directly activate your personas for advertising campaigns
Growth Channel persona
Growth Channel advertising

Reach your audience beyond social & search

Target niche audiences across TV, digital Out-of-Home, Audio ads, Native ads, video, mobile and web display.
Optimize your campaigns to reach best performance across DSPs & SSPs
Run ads across 225+ ad exchanges
Measure the impact of your ad campaigns online and offline

Advertise on Premium Channels

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Other features

Audience graph

Identify your customers on any digital channel

No minimums

Have full flexibility on your budget and audience size


Target people based or real time and past location visits

Built-in integrations

No need for separate licenses on DSP, SSP, or DMP
"We have seen a 70% higher ROI with Growth Channel as compared to several other programmatic advertising channels we have tried out. Growth Channel has served as an important stepping stone in the ongoing efforts to diversify our marketing budget."
Tyler Lubin
Chief Revenue Officer
ROAS from the three months of running campaigns
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"We were using a couple of other DSPs before Growth Channel, and it has replaced them all. Native integrations with 3rd party providers means that I no longer have to source that additional data myself, so we can get campaigns launched 3-5 days quicker."
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New Media Advisors
Brent Bouldin
Partner & Co-Founder at New Media Advisors
in cost savings per campaign
& 2-3 days saved in data analytics per month
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