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Build successful marketing campaigns using audience intent data based on event attendees and location visits with Growth Channel automated geolocation intelligence.
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Identify past event attendees

Identify who attended past industry events and visited competitor locations using geolocation data.
Build your first-party data with intent-based audiences
Up to 12 months historical look-back anywhere in the US
500+ Million US mobile devices
Fully compliant opt-in only audiences

Build customer persona profiles

Generate persona profiles and better understand your target audience
Consumer demographics and behavioral profiles
Company and account level insights
Benchmarking reports
Access to full analysis and raw data
Growth Channel persona
Growth Channel advertising

Launch a targeted marketing campaign

Target intent-based audiences across any device, wherever they are.
Capture opt-in email addresses
Run programmatic ads across 225+ ad exchanges
Build a custom audience for social advertising
Identify postal addresses for direct mail

Powerful use cases

Reach industry decision makers

Retarget to past industry event attendees who you may have missed in-person

Identify hybrid customers

Identify hybrid customers and prospects from online store and physical location visits

Stay on top of competitors

Identify people who visit competitors’ store and/or branch locations to attract them to your brand

Improve targeting on social channels

Go beyond demographics and general interests - build a custom audience with intent
"We have seen a 70% higher ROI with Growth Channel as compared to several other programmatic advertising channels we have tried out. Growth Channel has served as an important stepping stone in the ongoing efforts to diversify our marketing budget."
Tyler Lubin
Chief Revenue Officer
ROAS from the three months of running campaigns
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"We were using a couple of other DSPs before Growth Channel, and it has replaced them all. Native integrations with 3rd party providers means that I no longer have to source that additional data myself, so we can get campaigns launched 3-5 days quicker."
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New Media Advisors
Brent Bouldin
Partner & Co-Founder at New Media Advisors
in cost savings per campaign
& 2-3 days saved in data analytics per month
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