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Build persona profiles

Create buyer personas without lengthy focus group interviews and surveys based on data. Help your clients define their target market and present them with a full overview of who their perfect customer is, including demographic, psychographic, and behavioural insights.
Data-driven persona profiles from online and offline sources
Access to raw data for advanced analytics
White label reports
Custom audiences for advertising, email, and postal campaigns

Generate marketing plan reports

Growth Channel generates consumer insight data with full reports that save weeks in productivity while keeping your agency margins high. Our data-driven marketing plans will automatically scan the market opportunities, create personas, map their customer journey, and define growth strategy for you and your clients.
Eliminate guesswork with data-driven insights
Save time for creative and strategic decisions
Micro-segmentation framework along the customer journey
Identify the best channels and content opportunities with simulation engine
White label and edit access

Create and manage programmatic ad campaigns

Easily launch and analyze all your clients’ programmatic media campaigns across Connected TV, Native, Digital OOH, Audio, Video, Mobile in-app, and Web Display – using Growth Channel DSP. 
Serve ads across 225+ ad exchanges
No minimum ad spend and no contracts
Geofencing and geotargeting capabilities
Self-serve DSP and managed service solutions
Custom scheduled reports

Advertise on Premium Channels

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Other features

Opt-in emails

Capture opt-in emails of the website and location visitors

White label

Customise dashboard branding and build customer reports

Generative AI

Create personas and customer journey with AI in seconds

Built-in integrations

Get access to the leading DSPs, SSPs, and DMP solutions
"We have seen a 70% higher ROI with Growth Channel as compared to several other programmatic advertising channels we have tried out. Growth Channel has served as an important stepping stone in the ongoing efforts to diversify our marketing budget."
Tyler Lubin
Chief Revenue Officer
ROAS from the three months of running campaigns
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"We were using a couple of other DSPs before Growth Channel, and it has replaced them all. Native integrations with 3rd party providers means that I no longer have to source that additional data myself, so we can get campaigns launched 3-5 days quicker."
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New Media Advisors
Brent Bouldin
Partner & Co-Founder at New Media Advisors
in cost savings per campaign
& 2-3 days saved in data analytics per month
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Discover the state of advertising through our programmatic display benchmarks. From reach and bid performance to top advertising strategies and creatives, these programmatic display benchmarks include everything you need to know about DSP performance in advertising.

Download: Buyer Persona Template

Do you struggle with understanding your customers?Here's a simple template to help you get a clear picture of your customers - using the buyer persona framework.Easily organize your research to create your personas.

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